Abhay Sardesai looks at some old and new approaches to the painted landscape


33 Meera Menezes finds out how young Delhi-based artists look at the changing cityscape.

35 Adip Dutta looks at how younger artists from Kolkata are participating in Land Art initiatives.

38 Sandhya Bordewekar discusses the way natural imagery has been employed by artists from Baroda and other parts of Gujarat.

41 Shiladitya Sarkar looks at how film-makers have used landscape as metaphor


44 Adip Dutta revisits some of Benode Behari Mukherjee's landscapes

47 Roobina Karode looks at how Arpita Singh composes her seething landscapes which provoke a collision between interior and exterior worlds.

50 Deeksha Nath finds Paramjit Singh's landscapes exploring the ideal of the sublime in nature

52 Anjana Mehra dwells on the fate of the world teetering on the brink of unrest in many of her compositions, observes Abhijeet Tamhane.

54 Sabitha T.P discuss Subodh Kerkar's diverse Land Art projects.

57 Sandhya Bordewekar is impressed by Trupti Patel's role as an environmental art interventionist

Volume XI | Issue III | Quarter III | 2006

59 SPECIAL REPORT Jaideep V.G. dwells on some of Umesh Madanahalli's latest site-specific art projects.

61 LETTER FROM PAKISTAN Landscapes enjoyed unprecedented popularity in his country in the'80s, reveals Quddus Mirza.

73 INTERVIEW Jerry pinto finds Baiju Parthan a critical witness to a changing world.

76 REPORT Sandhya Bordewekar is impressed by the Annual Display of works by students of the Faculty of Fine Art, M.S.U, Baroda.

78 SPECIAL REPORT Sandhya Bordewekar introduces us to some of the more avant-garde artists from Sri Lanka.


80 Haema Sivanesan finds the work at the XVth Sydney Biennale addressing the experience of cultural disjuncture - of living across multiple cultural sites and contexts.

83 Dimitris Repas takes us on a guided tour of the intriguingly titled show, Who's afraid of the Chinese?

85 Vijay Rana visits M.F. Husain's exhibition in London that was withdrawn because of protests by members of the Hindu Right.


87 Celia Cretien discusses works made by Valay Shende during his residency in Paris.

88 Indian art has a captive audience in France, says Pascal Monteil, as he visits the exhibition, India of the Senses, in Paris.

90 The ACAW in New York showcased some of the best video art projects in the continent, writes Johan Pijnappel.


93 Using digital prints, designs, and installations, Avinash Veeraraghavan interrogates assumptions about objectivity, notes Marta Jakimowicz.

94 Usha Rao Banerjee finds Srinivasa Prasad's site-specific performance exploring death as an event.

95 Latika Gupta assesses Shukla Sawant's inspired engagement with gender issues

96 The human figure as a metaphor for the heroic human saga has been an ongoing preoccupation with several sculptors, avers Ella Dutta.

98 Sheela Gowda's nuanced self-reflexivity compels the viewer to negotiate the rupture within her own professed subject-positions, says Abhishek Hazra.

100 Sandhya Bordewekar is impressed by Chintan Upadhyay's mass-produced babies.

102 In Iranna G.R.'s work, one finds a dynamic interpretation of Indian modes of being, notes Jonathan Goodman.

104 Shailaditya Sarkar beholds the Avatars of the object.

105 Shriti K. Tyagi checks out the multi-media group show MaaRKERS.

106 ARCHITECTURE Curt Gambetta finds the show, Around Architecture, more a dialogue about architecture then with architecture.


108 Nishant shah appreciates the seamless blending of technology and art in Abhishek Hazra's work.

109 Meera Menezes finds that the Raqs Media Collective's employment to the documentary format helps them construct inspired critiques of grand institutions and their various lapses.

111 CERAMICS Shiladitya Sarkar visits an artist's camp organized by the JSW Foundation.

112 OPINION Meher Pestonji records her impressive about Sanjeev Khandekar's and Vaishali Narkar's controversial joint show and mulls on the conflictual relationship between art and morality.

115 COLLECTOR Rajiv J. Chaudhri advises new collectors to focus on quality, not quantity, in a conversation with Sangita Jindal.

117 BOOK REVIEW Shilpa Phadke is enthralled by the Camera Chronicles of Homai Vyarawalla by Sabeena Gadihoke.

122 PHOTOGRAPHY Presenting images from the first comprehensive compendium of Fine Art photographs in India.

126 SHOWCASE Chirodeep Chaudhuri finds different Bombays in different locations.