Paper, Threads, Dolls

Paper, Threads, Dolls

Sandhya Bordewekar discusses the works of five Baroda artists who engage with diverse crafts-based methods in their art practices.

Constructions (Rising). Found concrete, foam, cloth, thread, football

Chinmoyi Patel. Constructions (Rising). Found concrete, foam, cloth, thread, football. 29” x 25” x 30”. 2019. © the artist.

Chinmoyi’s art practice and know how she has juxtaposed wood, metal, ceramics and fabric to create works in the past. Her new sculptural project grew out of working with textiles to create cactus forms in planters as a designed product; she dramatically contrasted the rough, thorny cacti textures with foam-filled, bright, ikat fabrics that covered the soft forms. 

The idea of the cactus as a hardy plant that thrives in the most adverse environment is explored in Chinmoyi’s video art projects related to the changing rhythms of a city – the sprawl here reflects an irrepressible desire to flourish anywhere and everywhere. By re-imagining possibilities within the form of the cactus, Chinmoyi has extended her sculptural practice to include found objects. She collects debris from historical (not necessarily heritage) buildings such as large blocks of concrete and bricks with twisted metal bars. She then dresses the bars with fabric to simulate cactus arms. They are sometimes embroidered elaborately like exotic flowering cacti. These are quite different from the almost-naturalistic cactus forms she made earlier; these have a sharper conceptual edge and often do not look like cacti at all but like abstract forms that have organically grown limbs.