Loom of Life, textures of Time

Loom of Life, textures of Time

Priyansha Jain traces the deep weave of Monika Correa’s journey

Homage to Kepes

Monika Correa. Homage to Kepes. Warp – unbleached cotton; Weft – handspun dyed wool. 57” x 37”. 2012.

The first object that catches my eye in Monika Correa’s flat on Nepean Sea Road occupies a chunky part of the living room. The horizontal loom has been part of the space that has doubled as her studio for over fifty years. 

It was in 1962, while accompanying her husband, the famous architect Charles Correa, to Boston that Monika stopped over in Finland. Charles had a four month-long teaching stint at MIT. It was this trip that set her on a journey that would define her life. She had been enthralled by the ryijy, traditional Finnish tufted rugs, that she had seen at a weaver’s workshop in Helsinki. Monika was keen to learn weaving and through György Kepes, a painter and professor at MIT, she got a chance to meet Marianne Strengell, one of the most noteworthy mid-century textile designers. Strengell had recently retired as head of the Cranbrook Academy’s esteemed textile department after teaching for over 20 years. She decided to take Monika under her wing.