Advertising in ARTIndia magazine

‘The Art News Magazine of India’ is distributed through various channels across the country and also internationally. The primary channels are select outlets of India Book House network, subscriptions, and our tie-up with art galleries across the country.

Mechanical data

Magazine Size : 8.5 x 11. 25 Inches
Single Page(Full Bleed): 8.5 Inches x 11.25 Inches
Half Page(Full Bleed): 8.5 Inches x 5.625 Inches
Double Page(Full Bleed): 17 Inches x 11.25 Inches

Other specification

* The artwork should be made in Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw.
* 3 mm bleed from all the four sides.
* Text shouln’t be typed in photoshop, it should be typed in Illustrator ,InDesign , CorelDraw.
* Image resolution should be minimum 300 dpi.
* Color space should be CMYK.
* Use only one color space. Don’t mix CMYK and RGB.
* The fonts and links used in the file must be supplied with the file otherwise fonts make it curve and linked be embed.

Advertising tariffs

Double Page Gate Fold Inside (4 Pages) 3,50,000 3373 5525
Double Page Gate Fold Inside (3 Pages) 3,00,000 2724 4462
Double Spread (2 Pages) 2,00,000 1362 2231
Back Cover 2,00,000 1362 2231
Inner Cover 1,50,000 1038 1700
Page No 1 1,35,000 843 1381
Full Page 1,20,000 713 1169
Half Page 50,000 519 850

Advertisement rate & discount are subject to change.
Special Discount is being given to the art galleries and individual artist.
All Advertisements are in colour

Advertising in ARTIndia website

The cost of each banner of size 158 x 60 pixels is Indian Rs. 15000/-
Issue dates are: January – April – July – October

For further advertising details, please contact:

Business Development Department Art India Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.
C/o JSW Steel Limited,
Jindal Mansion,
5A, Dr. G.Deshmukh Marg,
Mumbai – 400 026,
Telephone: 022- 24337127

Advertisement material to be supplied as Positives only. A Post Date cheque, with 15 days credit period, should accompany Positives.