About Us

ARTIndia brings to a platform to interact and learn more about the art world

ARTIndia is India’s premier art magazine featuring modern and contemporary art: since 1996, it has been responsible for the promotion of a critical discourse around diverse art forms, activities and disciplines.Initiated by Ms. Sangita Jindal, it has evolved into an important forum for discussing, interrogating and appreciating art practices.

ARTIndia has been responsible for giving a platform to artists and critics to engage in a mutually replenishing intellectual dialogue with each other. This has led to the fostering of a vibrant atmosphere of sustained debate around crucial issues linked to the theory and practice of painting, sculpture, installation art, new media art, photography, graphic art and performance art.

ARTIndia Editions commemorates 22 years of its existence and looks forward to new and exciting collaborations with artists and designers.

Meet the team

Sangita Jindal Sangita Jindal President
Tarini Jindal Tarini Jindal Vice President
Abhay Sardesai Abhay Sardesai Editor
Shewta Upadhyay Shweta Upadhyay Text Editor
Yvette Mitchell Baptista Yvette Mitchell Baptista Editorial Co-ordinator
Rupesh Pandey Rupesh Pandey Manager
R.K. Sharma R.K. Sharma Office assisstant

Our correspondents

Zehra Jumabhoy London
Meera Menezes New Delhi
Meera Menezes Baroda